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At some point, you have to realize that a certain person can stay in your Heart. But Not in your Life.

Home is behind, the world ahead,
and there are many paths to tread
through shadows to the edge of night,
until the stars are all alight.


Momo said he was going to swim seriously, and he's super fast!!

Make Me Choose » rivailution asked: Natsu or Gray? 

I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time.

- (via gothics) -
It is easy to say how we love new friends, and what we think of them, but words can never trace out all the fibers that knit us to the old.

- George Eliot (via giovannafletcher1) -


・゚. ゜・夏


Sousuke Yamazaki || Episode 4

KageHina + Food